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Un-Guru®  is an innovative strategic management consulting firm. Our mission is to create, grow and make sustainable the value of businesses, governments, and institutions, by providing high quality professional solutions and services. We work to increase [...]

Un-Guru® Code of Ethics

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UN-GURU ® Code of Ethics

This “Code of Ethics” (hereinafter, “Code”) is aimed at customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, collaborators and partners, members of corporate bodies, the financial community and all those who have an interest in towards the activities carried out by Un-Guru.
All acts done by those working in the name and / or on behalf of Un-Guru undertake to comply with corporate procedures of this Code.
The spread of the Code and company procedures to recipients shall be assured through appropriate communication tools. The code is publicly available on the website of Un-Guru (www.uni-guru.it).
The mission of Un-Guru is to be recognized as a leading consulting companies active in creating the success of businesses, organizations, products, ideas and initiatives in the areas of Quality of Life (such as Art and Culture, Health and Wellness, Eco and Bio Innovation , Pleasures of Life, Non-Profit) or values-oriented Social and Environmental Responsibility.
The values ​​in which Un-Guru is identified are addressed in the Charter of Values ​​of the company (www.uni-guru.it)

The team of Un-Guru
Un-Guru believes that its ability to create value is indistinguishable from the ability of those who collaborate with the company. Guru-A promotes the development potential of each resource and its professional growth through:
• respect the personality and dignity of each;
• prevention of discrimination;
• an education appropriate to each position;
• definition of roles, responsibilities, powers and availability of information that enables everyone to take the decisions that the competing interests of society;
• the enhancement of the innovative spirit within the limits of responsibility of each;
• an internal clear, precise and truthful about policies and strategies;
• proper use and confidentiality of personal data;
• adequate workplace safety and health of people using them.
Customers of Un-Guru

Un-Guru aims to satisfy its customers by providing quality products and services to market conditions and prices, in full compliance with the rules and regulations in markets where it operates.
The behavior of Un-Guru in negotiations with customers are based on transparency and ethics, the comparison with its competitors is based on the quality of products and services offered.
Un-Guru honor the contracts signed and is responsible, in collaboration with the client company for the agreed goals and their pursuit, except that the action of Un-Guru is based assuming the veracity of the information provided by the customer, and that is required, with the designation, the commitment by the customer time and resources necessary to carry out the same and the achievement of results, above.
Un-Guru is committed to continuously communicate to the customer under any circumstances, bond or interest that may limit the successful implementation of the intervention.
A last-Guru is committed to the kindness, attention, accuracy and clarity of communication are distinctive relationships with customers.

Professional secrecy
All information regarding the activities or interests of the customers obtained during the performance of professional duties, shall be considered confidential and bound by professional secrecy.
A Guru may quote or use-case studies, solutions and experiences in the absolute respect of the confidentiality of clients involved explicitly authorized by the same.
Un-Guru will not hold positions on the same professional and contemporary issues in companies in direct competition with each other, except in cases where the assignment to Un-Guru does not involve any difficulty for the same customers and does not affect the relationship collaboration with Un-Guru. The appointments referred to in this paragraph shall be subject to specific communication by Un-Guru companies in question.

Suppliers and partners Un-Guru
In their relations with suppliers, Un-Guru is intended to find reliable partners and establish long term relationships in order to procure products, works and services at the best conditions, both in terms of quality and economy. A Guru is a goal-establish a network of suppliers-partners who share the same principles of respect for human rights and workers, as well as the environment.
In choosing between suppliers that compete with each other, during negotiations, the staff of Un-Guru will evaluate the elements of an impartial decision: the only criterion of privilege between different suppliers will be precisely the ability to adhere to the principles of Social Responsibility and Environmental Companies.

The shareholders of Un-Guru and the financial community
Un-Guru provides shareholders with adequate information and the financial community, through a regular flow of communications through a plurality of channels, such as its website, the internal newsletter, conferences and press releases.

Communication with all stakeholders of Un-Guru
Un-Guru agrees to take care, fairness and clarity in every form of communication, because we are aware that a clear and accurate communication is integral to ethical behavior and that it is based on the confidence of all those who are affected by activities of the company.
The same principles are applied in the implementation of strategies and communication campaigns for clients of Un-Guru.