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About Us

Un-Guru®  is an innovative strategic management consulting firm. Our mission is to create, grow and make sustainable the value of businesses, governments, and institutions, by providing high quality professional solutions and services. We work to increase [...]


Un-Guru® is a think tank that relies on a qualified network of professionals. Every client is different. For this reason, we form an ad hoc team for each project, with the aim of ensuring the most qualified skills and expertise. Each team is inspired and led by a Senior Advisor of Un -Guru.

A. Daniele Iannotti

President & Senior Advisor
Team Leader for:
Strategy, Marketing, Innovation

Antonella Tagliabue

Managing Director & Senior Advisor
Team Leader for:
CSR & Sustainability, Training, Comunication

Alfredo Di Cerbo

Partner & Senior Advisor
Economy and Finance Expert