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About Us

Un-Guru®  is an innovative strategic management consulting firm. Our mission is to create, grow and make sustainable the value of businesses, governments, and institutions, by providing high quality professional solutions and services. We work to increase [...]


Un-Guru® is an innovative strategy consulting firm. Innovation for us is a way of being and acting, and is expressed in the values ​​we believe in constant search of the best solutions for our clients and the best quality of service to offer them

Un-Guru team is composed by professionals who have decided to dedicate their skills mostly to the growth and the success of companies and organizations whose products, services, initiatives improve quality of life.

We are inspired by the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development and adhere to the United Nations Global Compact.

What distinguishes us is the ability to analyze the situation, the effectiveness of our plans and the capacity for excellence in their implementation.